Veterinary Students

We have a variety of online courses and resources designed for veterinary students that are being enjoyed by Illinois students, and we want to share those resources with veterinary students everywhere. 

Courses are designed to complement your veterinary curriculum! 

Students are able to sign up for courses and pay individually to receive extra practice or sign up through participating schools for credit granted through their academic home. 

Use our resources as a digital textbook for your students

College of Veterinary Medicine faculty may purchase courses or portion of courses to be used in their classroom. Students can view the material outside the classroom and spend in-person, traditional classroom time applying the information. 

Click Here to View Available Courses 


Courses are priced at $100/credit hour/student.

Students paying individually are able to enroll in the course, pay and and start the course. 

Schools making purchases, please contact the i-Learning Center at so we can best serve you and grant your educational discount. 




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