Teaching Tools

Veterinary faculty and instructors, we have educational material you can use in your classroom! 

The educational material created for our online courses has been incorporated into our core and elective curriculum, improving the efficiency and efficacy of the education we can provide our students. Faculty have reported these tools can help maximize their face-to-face instruction time, and allows them to spend more time helping students apply this new knowledge to think critically.

Our recent student survey results support what the scientific literature has already proven about blended learning: students reported improved satisfaction and decreased stress.

"The way this was done was a nice break from lecture and truly helped relieve some of my stress."
-Second-Year Veterinary Student 

We recently incorporated online diagnostic imaging modules into our core curriculum. 129 out of 130 veterinary students reported being satisfied or very satisfied with their online learning experience, and their learning outcomes on quizzes improved compared to previous years.

Benefits to instructors:

  • Improved teaching efficiency and efficacy - are you tired of teaching the same concepts over and over? Wouldn’t you rather your students learn those on their own and come to class ready to apply them to various scenarios?
  • Increased learner engagement
  • Immediate learner assessment and feedback with online assessments and activities
  • Inspires life-long learning
  • It’s more FUN to teach when the students come to class ready to participate in classroom discussions!

Benefits to students:

  • Improved accessibility
  • Decreased stress
  • Students can learn at their own pace
  • Promotes deeper learning
  • Learning is more FUN! Instead of a boring lecture, students come to class ready to apply their knowledge to more complex scenarios with instructor guidance

Instructors are prevented from repeating lectures multiple times. License the course to incorporate a blended learning environment in your own course.  The license agreement gives full access to the course material or the ability to enroll the whole class. 

"I liked the online module! I liked the length of the videos! Not too long, but very informative."
-Second-Year Veterinary Student 

Are you ready to have more fun in the classroom? New to blended learning? Or Flipped Classroom? Curious how you can start to incorporate online educational content into your classroom?

Contact us to discuss how we can improve your teaching experience. 

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