VCM 514: Science of Health Evaluation

VCM 514: Science of Health Evaluation

3 credit hours | Certificate of Veterinary Science | Spring (2nd 8 weeks)

During this course, students will apply their pre-existing, foundational knowledge of anatomy, physiology, immunology, microbiology, and pathology to evaluate and solve health failure problems in the major body systems. This graduate level course will use a problem-driven, case-based approach to train students how to apply the basic principles of health science in solving clinical problems in individual animals. Participants will learn to ask thoughtful, focused, and purposeful questions when collecting clinical data, and how to use a problem-oriented approach in evaluating health problems, constructing inquiry pathways, and in designing therapeutic and disease management strategies

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Course Goal

 Students will be encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of the course content by solving clinical case examples, participating in group activities and by contributing to discussions.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand the process of how to apply basic principles of health science to solve animal health problems
  • Apply a thoughtful approach for investigating health challenges and failures across different body systems in various animals
  • Use a problem-based approach to identify, monitor, and respond to health problems 



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