VCM 505: Introduction to Veterinary Science

3 credit hours | Fall (16 weeks)

This 16-week course is for students who:

  • want to pursue our online MVS, but lack a veterinary background, or
  • want a refresher on veterinary anatomy

Dr. Suzanna Storms walks students through three major pillars of information: anatomy/physiology, including necessary information from major body systems (cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, renal, nervous, and reproductive), evolutionary biology/bioinformatics, and microbiology/virology. Each module is presented with a series of short video lectures with suggested reading and reference materials.  Discussion boards are posted each week to integrate concepts.

What You'll Learn

  • Identify anatomical structures in different body systems, and summarize similarities and differences between species in normal physiologic systems.
  • Predict which body systems viruses or bacteria will colonize based upon anatomical and physiological tropism.
  • Predict which defense systems the body will use to combat different pathogens.
  • Describe the process of the DNA sequencing pipeline and demonstrate an understanding of next-generation sequencing technologies



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