VCM 547: Global One Health

VCM 547: Global One Health

3 credit hours | Fall (16 weeks)

Learn about global issues in both public and veterinary health, with emphasis on low-income countries. This course will cover national and international frameworks that can be used to address the biggest challenges and threats to the health of people and animals.

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Course Goal

The survey of topics will provide a foundational understanding for further in-depth study and work in international health.

What You'll Learn

  • Articulate the structure of human and animal health systems at the national and international level.
  • Apply an ecological approach to analyzing those major factors that influence global health including climate change and urbanization.
  • Identify and relate social and cultural determinants of health to global health issues and disease.
  • Discuss human and animal rights, professional ethics, and international health law in the context of health.
  • Describe the role of frameworks, goals, and multilateral agreements in achieving optimal health.
  • Understand the term stakeholders and the importance of the role of partnerships and collaborations in health programs.
  • Describe how capacity building enhances global health programs’ ability to address identified needs.
  • Describe how cultural awareness and knowledge are essential to building culturally competent health program.



This course is an approved elective for the Master of Veterinary Science Degree.

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