VCM 562: Understanding the Host Response to Infection

VCM 562: Understanding the Host Response to Infection

3 credit hours | Spring (2nd 8 weeks)

Enhance your ability to identify, define, and solve health problems that arise in your livestock system. The ability to think and solve day to day health problems and challenges falls under the broad umbrella of clinical reasoning. In this course, we will provide you with a framework to help you take the information from clinical observations and measurements of animal health to a clinical case definition that will guide your diagnostic test selection, therapeutic intervention, prognostic estimation, and prophylactic management. 

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Dr. Aldridge will guide you through the clinical reasoning framework developed by Drs. Jill Maddison, Holger Volk, and David Church applied to livestock systems.  

Course is 100% online. Case study application will take place in synchronized live sessions. Timing of live sessions will be determined in the first week based on student availability.  

Course Goal

This approach will encourage you to apply your knowledge and understanding of foundational health sciences in characterizing how an individual animal is responding to a particular disease or health challenge, and will help you avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with the misuse of a pattern recognition approach in your clinical thought process.   

What You'll Learn 

  1. Understand the process of applying basic principles of health science in solving livestock health problems.
  2. Apply a rational, systematic, data-informed approach for investigating health challenges and failure in different body systems, at both an individual and population level.
  3. Use a problem-based approach to develop field protocols that can be used to identify, monitor, and respond to health problems for a particular body system in a specific livestock context.



This course is an approved elective for the Master of Veterinary Science Degree.

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