Recognition and Management of Benign and Malignant Oral Tumors

non-credit | 3 hrs CE
The diagnosis and treatment of oral and maxillofacial tumors can be challenging. This course will help learners determine whether an intraoral or maxillofacial tumor is benign or malignant. The history, clinical signs, gross, radiographic, cytologic and histologic characteristics of benign versus malignant lesions will be reviewed. Based on the definitive diagnosis and location of oral and maxillofacial masses, appropriate treatment plans can be developed.
The various locations of oral and maxillofacial masses include the gingiva, lip, mucosa, tongue, palate, mandible, and maxilla. Treatment option reviewed include gingivectomy, partial lip resection, partial glossectomy, and various mandibulectomy and maxillectomy procedures.
This course is 100% online. All the videos and assessments are on demand. Completion of this course with an 80% or better provides 3 hours of CE!

What You'll Learn

  • Recognize factors that identify benign or malignant oral tumors
  • Develop appropriate treatment plans for oral tumors
  • Identify surgical treatment options including: gingivectomy, partial lip resection, partial glossectomy, mandibulectomy and maxillectomy procedures

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This course material is from one of the modules in Clinical Small Animal Dentistry. Find out more about the full Clinical Small Animal Dentistry course here.

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