Livestock Systems Courses

All courses are designed for livestock professionals and veterinarians to increase business profitability. Learners will receive applicable and relevant training to be used on-the-job immediately from instructors with years of experience working in the field coupled with academic research.  Learners are encouraged to solve real problems at their work place under the guidance of instructors. 

All courses were developed for adult learners with busy professional careers wanting to stay at the top of their field. 

Graduate credit courses provide learners a rigorous approach to the material ensuring comprehension of principles and application.  

Non-Credit courses provide a basic understanding of material and focus on real-world application.

VCM 560 Infectious Disease in Livestock Systems

VCM 561 Designing Biosecurity Systems 

VCM 562 Understanding the Host Response to Infection 

VCM 564 Introduction to Livestock Business Strategy

Courses are designed to provide a practical, experiential learning environment based on real-world case studies with individualized feedback from subject matter experts.

Detecting and Describing Disease in Populations 

Practical Guide to Designing Livestock Biosecurity Systems 

The Management of PRRS (coming soon)

Courses are designed to provide additional knowledge for working professionals who want to stay at the top of their field. You are given the opportunity to apply course content to solve problems in your workplace. 

All Courses are 100% online and offer CE credit. The lectures and assessments are on-demand to meet your schedule. 

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