VCM 560: Infectious Disease in Livestock Systems

VCM 560: Infectious Disease in Livestock Systems

3 credit hours | Fall, Summer (2nd 8 weeks)

Design a comprehensive health improvement plan under the guidance of Dr. Jim Lowe that can be implemented in your livestock production system by the end of this 8-week course.

Course content will cover the components and determinants of a healthy livestock system. The course will teach participants to understand the interaction between animals (hosts), microorganisms (infectious disease) and the environment. This course emphasizes how to optimize interventions in livestock production systems to minimize the economic impact of infectious disease. 

You can read a preview of the syllabus here.

100% online. All lecture videos and assessments are on-demand to fit your schedule.

Course Goal

Learners will possess the knowledge required to improve the health of livestock systems and apply economically effective interventions to control infectious disease.

What You'll Learn

  1. Recognize factors that influence infectious disease transmission within and between livestock production systems.
  2. Identify strategies to minimize the risk of pathogen transmission.
  3. Create a comprehensive health improvement program for a given livestock production system.



This course is an approved elective for the Master of Veterinary Science Degree.

Class Instructor
DVM, MS, DABVP (Food Animal)
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