Detecting and Describing Disease in Populations

Detecting and Describing Disease in Populations

credit hours | 3 hrs CE

Defining the current status of your herd is the first step in assessing the infection status. We need to know if a disease is present and how many animals are infected. Testing the whole herd is impossible, expensive, and time-consuming. In this course you will be given a spreadsheet template with built in formulas determining the sample size you need. The course provides an action-plan interpretation of results that you will practice through real-life application. You will walk away from this course with confidence in your sampling results and with a tool you can use on the job.

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This course is 100% online. All the videos and assessments are on-demand to fit your schedule.

3 hours of CE for veterinarians and veterinary technicians. 

Course Goal

Give you the knowledge required to confidently interpret sampling results into an action plan.   

What You'll Learn 

  1. Define the health status of your herd with confidence
  2. Determine the sample size for detecting the presence and prevalence of disease
  3. Understand how common diagnostic tests work best and how to account for sampling errors.



Who should take this course

Anyone working in the livestock profession who needs to define a herd's health status.

Class Instructor
DVM, MS, DABVP (Food Animal)
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