VCM 564: Introduction to Livestock Business Strategy

VCM 564: Introduction to Livestock Business Strategy

3 credit hours | Fall, Summer (2nd 8 weeks)

This course is designed for Veterinary and Livestock professionals to learn the business concepts taught in business schools so you can build your best business strategy. The course is 100% online and on-demand to meet your busy schedule. Class is 8 weeks long.

Understanding how the business makes money, what you can do to reduce costs, beat the competition and therefore increase profits will have a huge impact on how you make decisions, give you a holistic view of your company, make you a more valuable employee, and empower you to assess risks.  

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Learn business strategy taught by a business school professor and applied to livestock production!

Every business school offers a business strategy course, so we invited a Professor from a peer University, Professor Peter Foreman from College of Business at Illinois State University to come and teach the same content taught in business school.  What makes this course different is that in each module Professor Foreman and Dr. Lowe will sit down and discuss how these business concepts apply in the livestock business industry. Then, you will have the opportunity to apply these concepts to your company. 

What You'll Learn 

  1. Understand the basic business strategy concepts 
  2. Analyze your current industry external and internal environment
  3. Develop an informed business strategy 



This course is an approved elective for the Master of Veterinary Science Degree.

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